Starting out with some questions

Hi everyone,

I'm so glad and excited that I found a perfect solution to build and customize my home security/automation project, it is definitely Hubitat.
After researching for a long time I've purchased one on Amazon, it is still on the way and I'm looking forward to put my hands on it. As a begginer I've been reading a lot of stuff about Hubitat and how to get everything working as planned and then, obviously, lot of doubts begin to arise.
I don't want to extend too much this post, but here is the situation:

I live in a house with on a 5000m2 (about 50.000 square feet) land and firstly my main goal with Hubitat is to build up a reliable security system for all the area, with cameras integrated/combined with fences, motion sensor, tripwires, sirens, flood lights etc, to reduce false alarms as much as possible combining camera and different sensors (as you might guess, there are tree branchs and leaves falling all the the time and pets all over the area, I have six dogs), and make the system more precise, like having different zones to know where the intruder is if there is a intrusion and have the camera's image on a screen as quickly as possible, for instance.
So I'm gonna drop these first questions for those who could help.

1 - Considering the long distance between my internet router and some cameras points (about 80m at maximum) should I use wired or wireless cameras ?

2 - Do I need a NVR or DVR to plug all those cameras and trigger Hubitat actions ?

3 - I've been reading a lot about outdoor cameras, and found some good recommendations here, but as I'm in Brazil and Amazon's shipping price + custom taxes are prohibitive all that I have are Chinese marketplaces like AliExpress to buy from, do you guys think I can get some quality/reliable camera system from them ?

4 - Is there a really smart human body motion detection camera on the market today ? Softwares like blue Iris are capable to do this job and trigger Hubitat rules ?

Well, think that's enough for one post.

I'd appreciate any help .
Thanks a lot in advance

Hubitat makes the basis for a great home automation system but I would never consider it for a serious security system. I love the product but I think you are going to be disappointed and frustrated trying to make it into a serious security system.


@Eric.C.Miller is correct. You need a professionally installed security system. You can find some systems that integrate with Hubitat (like Konnected panels), but I would not use Hubitat instead of a professionally installed system.


Thanks guys for replying.
The thing is I can't find here any professional security system that does all the routines I need.
For example, trigger a siren only if motion is detected by sensor 01 AND camera 01 AND sensor 02 within a 5min time interval.
I've visited a few security system shops here and none of them gave me a solution.
Is there any security system you guys can recommend to work with Hubitat ?

There are a couple that work with Hubitat. However as I recommend to people you should separate security and automation and leave them each to do their jobs well. If they talk with each other that's bonus. I have a preference for ELK Security because it's very reliable, has automation capabilities and is easy to integrate with home automation systems. The next runner up would be a DSC system for integration capabilities but it lacks the rules and automation that ALK provides. You can install either system as a DIY but to get maximum functionality from ELK I higher recommend you find an installer to work with and explain what you want so they can write the ELK automation rules and possibly integrate with Hubitat or other system. Many other systems have native ELK integrations already.

Thanks for replying.
You are right guys, Hubitat is not meant to be a security system' brain. So lets go back to start.
I've already been researching some security and camera communities and found some interesting material on ipcamtalk, lots of stuff to learn.
But I still think Hubitat is gonna be very useful to do all automations I need and I think I made the right choice.
Well well, I'm gonna read something now.
Do you guys recommend some security forum to me ?
Thanks again

Integrate DSC with Hubitat via Envisalink

IPCamTalk is an extremely biased source. Large salt shaker required when reading there.

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