Start Level Change with Direct Bulbs

Certainly not for Hue bulbs that are accessed from Hubitat via HTTP(S), though? (Unless, again, Hue exposed or Hubitat reverse-engineered a new/undocumented API.)

To be clear, I'm talking about the setup where the Hue Bridge is added to Hubitat and the setup is effectively a LAN device from Hubitat's perspective.

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The reason it's done differently with Hue bulbs in HE is because it is being controlled via the hub. As far as HE is concerned the hue bulbs are not zigbee at all. It is a lan integration using the HUE api. Lan api commands are sent and not zigbee commands. For zigbee bulbs attached directly to the hub, zigbee commands are issued and they support the changeLevel commands.

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Yes...but the hue hub can be instructed to issue the start changing and stop changing command. In fact, the guy who does DIYHue was just adding support for that as it just reached the regular hue hub rather recently i guess.

Understood. I was responding to your question about bulbs connected directly using the zigbee protocol.

Adding the HE Hue integration to the discussion only serves to confuse things because in is entirely different and uses the Lan api.

Oh, I know...I just think it's funny that I'm having problems with two different lights for exactly the opposite reason. I mean, you'd think 50% of them would work, right? Even a broken clock is right twice a day. LMAO

Just bringing this thread back because I have started to buy some hue bulbs to replaces some of my other bulbs since with the newer Bluetooth ones it has the restore previous state feature (LOVE IT) and I know that the older ones were updated to do it but since I prefer to have the bulbs directly connected to my hubitat and i can still update the firmware as well as set the restore previous state feature via Bluetooth command all while not disconnecting it from hubitat.

Now the issue I have noticed is the Start level change command does not work at all now, when you click the option in the hubitat web UI it simply does nothing at all but the stop level change does seem to work (if you set level and change the duration to 10 seconds then click stop level change it does).

Is this something that others have seen issues with and hoping that it can be fixed as i was hoping to use it with the Dimmer Button Controller and this app uses that function.

I know this is a little bit of a different issue, but do you have any other Zigbee devices (motion sensors, smart plugs, etc.) connected to Hubitat? If so, Zigbee bulbs in general can be problematic here, but Hue in particular are one of the worst offenders. The issue is that they are bad repeaters for non-bulbs and may cause hard-to-troubleshoot problems, including dropped messages on your Zigbee network. This is summarized in Hubitat's Zigbee tips doc, but you can also find lots of forum posts about this (and similar bulbs that are also problematic, with other common offenders being Cree, GE Link, and at least first-gen Sylvania).

Again, that's another issue, but I'm just trying to help you avoid problems in the future (or now) if this is the case for you. :slight_smile: The Hue Bridge integration is nice for that reason (though it doesn't support Change Level on groups; I wrote a custom integration that does for this and a few other reasons). It avoids this by keeping Hue on a separate network, thus keeping your Hubitat Zigbee devices happy. There are few advantages to directly pairing, IMHO, with one of the only being that you don't have to wait for the poll/refresh for changes made outside of Hubitat to be reflected inside Hubitat. I've otherwise had problems with them failing to respond on the first try to commands or bulbs as part of a group (even with Zigbee group messaging enabled) not all responding. I went back to the Bridge after trying the sometimes-recommended dedicated second-Hubitat-solution to this problem.

Back to your question: back when I did have directly-paired bulbs, I didn't notice this problem. However, I'm not sure I had any current/BT-gen bulbs at that time. Do you know if this is only a problem for the new generation for you, or if the older ones also experience it? I should also note that even though it did work, there was behavior I didn't like where I liked the Bridge bulb behavior better: startLevelChange(up) turned on lights that weren't already on, whereas the Bridge ignored this for bulbs that weren't on (individually or as part of a group). Additionally, if you didn't interrupt a startLevelChange(down) soon enough, the bulb would turn totally off instead of stopping at the lowest "on" level. Again, I know, tangential to the issue, but worth noting.

I am using other Zigbee devices and I did read that there could potentially be issues but I figured I would try it out and see how it works for me, I have been running the new bulbs for about a week and have not had any problems with my motion, contact sensors, humidity sensors, and Samsung buttons. So far the bulbs are all responding normally (aside from the level change issue) and I have not seen any issues with my sensors at all. I do have a Hue Bridge that i could put in place if issues crop up but as of now all seems good.

I unfortunately do not have any old gen bulbs to test this with, the other bulbs that I have (mostly EcoSmart Home Depot) do seem to have that same behavior for the down level change and but do not have the up level change issue. This issue is not a deal breaker or something that would force me over to the hue bridge but am hoping that this is something that could be fixed if it is fixable in a future update. I just am fairly new to the community and do not really know how I would go about reporting this as an issue or who I would report it to.

I am also seeing devices go through my hue bulbs without issue via the Parent child parameters page

status:Active, age:64, routeRecordState:0, concentratorType:None, [Bathroom Motion Sensor, F279] via [Living Room 1, C935]
status:Active, age:64, routeRecordState:0, concentratorType:None, [Living Room Button, 3046] via [Living Room 1, C935]

Both of these devices seem to be going through a bulb that is a Hue bulb and they are working flawlessly, unless of course i am misinterpreting this info ..... which is possible, very possible.

Has anyone been able to get this working?

I did submit a ticket back in June under request number 17475 but other than the normal response of it has been forwarded off to our engineering team I have not heard anything.

On another note related to above I have yet to have any issues with my Zigbee bulbs and having them on the same mesh as all my other sensors, plugs, and buttons. Everything seems to be working great together and I have yet to see any of the issues that have been discussed here and in the Hubitat documentation related to connectivity and reliability, obviously other than the issue with level change but that seems like a driver issue not a Zigbee mesh issue.

Like Robert said previously, I have the non bt hue color bulbs. I had them briefly on Hubitat, but they performed poorly compared with my Sylvania and Sengled color bulbs, so back to the Hue bridge they went. The start level change commands didn’t seem to be an issue. I’m pretty sure I would have noticed that since I use that with all of my dimmers and have never had a problem with it not working. I guess it might be something specific to the new bulb. Have you tried checking to see if the bulbs had a firmware update? I assume that you’re using the generic zigbee rgbw driver?

The bulbs are completely updated using BT from my phone and have all the newest features that hue offered including power loss recovery state, and is using the generic bulb driver (non rgbw version) but have tried other drivers to see if others would work and most didn't even work with the bulb itself. They must have made some changes to the hue hardware because I have had none of the described issues with any of the bulbs, or any of my other 60+ total ZigBee devices at all.

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Was just looking if anyone on the engineering team or support team could look and see if this has even been looked at or if there is any intention to look into the level change issue with direct paired hue bulbs.. been a few months with no resolution via hub firmware updates and no reply to this or my email.

What is the issue specifically?


The issue I described here is what I am referring too, and it still does not work.

What are the models of the devices where you are seeing this and what driver is being used with these bulbs?

I am using the current gen A19 color and white bulbs (Color A19 and White A19) as well as white GU10 bulbs (White GU10), I am using the Generic Zigbee Bulb Driver.

Model in Hubitat
GU10 - LWG003
A19 Color - LCA003
A19 White - LWA002

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OK, I ordered one of the RGBW (color A19) bulbs, hopefully I should be able to at least figure out what's going on here with these newer versions.

Hey Sir

Have you had any luck with this yet?

I tested it with the advanced zigbee driver series and don't recall it having any issues.

Thank you, just tried the new drivers and it worked, missed the update on that as they were still on the old generic drivers.

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