Start dimmer at 0

I'm trying to create a rule "Wake Up" that at 6am the bedroom lamp turns on at 0% and start raising.

I can't seem to get the dimmer to start at 0%. How can I set a rule for this?

Hmm??? Is the light off when the Rule executes? What kind of dimmers are you using? I'm not sure that will make a difference

I'm currently testing the app called Gentle Wake Up.

I've never heard of it. Have a link?

I searched gentle wake up in this forum

Okay found it, So if it was RM, I think that would be easy. But the app looks like it will do this and mix drinks too :slight_smile: You may want to reach out to @bptworld and see if he can't help you.

You can't set a dimmer to Zero. Doing so is the same as turning it off. Try dimming from 1% and see how that goes.

Ok I can't get Gentle wake up to work. Anyone Ave any suggestions on how to setup a re for this?

You need to post this to the Gentle Wake Up thread. Otherwise the app developer (@bptworld) is unlikely to see it.

Yes. I've deleted it. I'm going to try and do this through RM.

If it helps any, Gentle Wake Up child apps appear as switches in RM. I simply turn on the child apps at specified times in RM. If you decide to try GWU again, here's what my setup looks like:

Interesting. I will have to try this again. Thanks

I have a rule setup in RM 4 that does this.

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