Stand alone RV control panel HE + ESP32

Hi Folks,

I'm evaluating the HE to be the brain for a control panel for use in an RV. It would control lights, give battery charge and usage status, water pump, vent fan, etc. I understand that the HE can operate without being connected to the internet, but my confusion arises around whether it can serve as an access point directly for the devices over which it has control.

Can anyone point me toward any resources to help me figure out what additional networking hardware (if any) and configuration to successfully connect with multiple ESP32 sensors and switches via wifi? (I am experimenting with hubduino now, but am confused as I believe that the ESP32 is connecting with the HE via my existing home network, rather than with the HE directly...)


Hubitat is not a WiFi Access Point. Therefore one needs a WiFi router in order for Hubitat to communicate with Hardwired or WIFi devices. Hubitat can communicate directly to Zigbee and Z-Wave wireless devices.

Unless my memory is failing me, I do believe @srwhite outfitted his RV with a hubitat.

Might be worth reading his thread on the project.

I'll link it in a minute as soon as I find it! Here it is: [PROJECT] Smart RV (with photos)


I’ve just started automating (monitoring) my small RV
This might interest you


i highly recommend this. i'm using it to integrate a nodemcu into my HE and it works flawlessly

oops, posted too soon, saw you're already using this.

in terms of usage, you can just use a wifi router to connect all the devices together (it doesn't need to be on the internet as everything will be local.

You could use one of the ESP boards to serve this purpose. it just needs to be a common hub for all the devices to talk (but then you'll need something to hard wire the HE as it's not wifi