ST to Hubitat Piston Question

I made the jump from ST to Hubitat earlier this week. I finally have everything up and running but did have a question about 1 particular shared Piston I found a while back and had running on ST. It monitored a Device to see if it was online or not, whether it was a dead battery or the tricky Aqara Sensors that fall off occasionally. The field it was checking was Status ($status) a field I could also see in the IDE. However in Hubitat I do not see a field called Status so I’m concerned it will not work properly.

If you can't get it working the way you want, I use a community app called "Device Activity Check" which will tell you if a device hasn't said anything for a length of time you can specify.



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webCoRE uses device.getStatus() call as the return value for $status

getStatus() is listed as to be documented in the device documentation.

As others have mentioned it does work, but using the mentioned driver along with webCoRE is also an option depending on your needs

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