ST Multipurpose Sensor: Change tilt axis value that triggers open?

As the title states, my garage door doesn't open to 90º. It opens along a steep roofline, closer to 40º...

With ST, I was able to find the DH and manually edit the axis value that triggered open vs closed.

Can I do the same with Hubitat?

Hello, and welcome to Hubitat forums!

With the built-in drivers, you cannot edit them. They are built into firmware.

I am not sure if there are any community drivers available for this device? But Smartthings drivers can be ported over fairly easily in most cases, and in some cases they just work. So if you have a driver now, you could import it into Hubitat and try it.

The other thing I would say to do is just try the device as-is. Hubitat stuff works slightly differently (and usually better) than Smartthings, so maybe you won't have to mess around with the angle changes. While my door is a normal one, the multipurpose sensor responds with the slightest movement away from vertical.

Oh, and we all still miss Stringify by the way.


Thanks! Will give it a shot.
I miss Stringify too :slight_smile:


Happy to report that Hubitat reports open on my garage with the tilt sensor not tilted all the way. :slight_smile: