ST Hub Removal

Been working on getting rid of my ST hub, or at least unplugging it.

The only thing I have left coming to HE is buttons on my Harmony remote. In Harmony I can configure the smart home buttons to trigger switches in ST, but not HE at this time. So I made an app in ST that uses the HE API to transfer the switch state to HE.

Since all this runs in the cloud on the ST side, is there any reason to keep the ST hub powered? I'm gonna test it, but didn't know if there was something I might be missing.

How does your harmony hub connect to ST? Is that local through your lan to the hub or direct to the ST cloud? I am still running pistons in webCoRE and MyQ garage door opener on ST and my hub has been powered off for months. So, I know that cloud integrations are not dependent on the hub being online. I just can't speak to how the Harmony Hub connects to ST.

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AFAIK, cloud.

Harmony hub is cloud. Should have mentioned that.

It appears there is no problem with disconnecting hub. This was probably more a ST question, but since it only applied if one is using HE is why I asked it here.

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Then yeah...definitely no problem pulling your hub. Just don't try to use Local LAN links from the maker API or Rule Machine. That won't work (obviously). Have to use the cloud Hubitat links for Rule Machine or the Maker API.
(I say this more for the next poor sole that comes along, read this, and might not realize it right away.)