ST devices without ST Hub

Sorry, first time but owner here....can I connect ST devices to HE without a ST Hub? I want to get some motion and temp sensors to turn on lights and turn in a heater in the master bathroom.

Thanks you. I know I will be in here A LOT!

Yes, they should work in HE without issue.


As far as I know, the only ones that don't work with 3rd party hubs are the ADT ones. The Samsung or SmartThings branded sensors generally work very well on Hubitat. I have a bunch of them.


Thank you. I didn't want to buy a hub if I didn't need it.

The above is all correct, but for a more general answer, see this list: List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation. If it's not on there (or you're not sure; honestly their version-numbering for some generations of ST devices is a bit odd), consider searching either this community list here: Community Device Drivers (FKA Compatible Devices Wiki), or doing a search on the forum for your specific device.

Though to add to the above, there is actually at least ST ADT sensor that does work on Hubitat, the ST ADT water sensor manufactured by Nortek (of Zigbee fame). Most are ADT's proprietary protocol and indeed won't connect. I can't speak to any others from experience. In general, you'll find that almost any Z-Wave or Zigbee device that works on ST will work on Hubitat (rare exceptions for some group-messaging-only Zigbee devices that ST recently added support for and probably some others, but if you've had it for more than a couple years, odds are good). To address your question specifically, I probably have almost every generation of most ST-branded devices (except the lesser-regarded generations of motion sensors), and everything I have works now (and I say "now" only because I was a super-early-adopter and staff weren't initially sure if all the v1 devices could be made to work).

Samsung/SmartThings doesn't manufacture a plain temperature sensor, but if you mean their combined "motion and temperature" sensor (or really more like "motion sensor with a bonus temperature sensor"), then disregard. :slight_smile: Most of their other new devices also measure temperature: their contact/multisensors (all generations, I think, including the very first Kickstarter-era one), the new (and only) buttons, and the new (and ADT) water sensor--just in case that's of any help for your application!


Good info!

I have recently bought a couple of CentraLite temperature/humidity sensors, the driver that associates with those is called "SmartThings Humidity Sensor" so I am assuming they sold it too - at one time. I never bought one under the SmartThings (or Samsung) brand. I am using those, along with the Nyce (motion, temperature and humidity) sensors to control exhaust fans in bathrooms.

Not a pure temperature sensor but pretty close . . .

By the way, the Nyce sensors are (couldn't resist) nice. They are a bit expensive but I am very happy with them.

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