ST 'closed source' 3rd party apps e.g. ST<> HomeAssistant


Home Assistant have just released inbuilt support for SmartThings in 0.78.0. You install it via an access token you get from the ST IDE. From there on the ST cloud I assume can access your HA instance directly using SSL and it makes available a new app for ST that can be installed via the ST Classic app onto your ST hub. It seems to work OK exposing all your ST devices to HA. As an ST cloud integration I don't suspect it could be ported to HE.. however...

What I was more concerned about is that this is a 3rd party app that you can install on ST but there is no access to the source of the app - or anything in your SmartApps entry in the IDE listing the app - so it can't be viewed or edited. Is this something new and if so it's slightly worrying as to the future availability of ST apps to port to HE, or as I have been not watching ST recently is this a feature that has always been present ?


Can you see the code of ActionTiles? No, right? Then this method is not new. Why you will like to have your HE devices on ST if you are moving to HE for the local processing? At least you can see your HE devices on ST until you migrate completely. Anyway ST is changing, in the future I believe they will not use groovy code.


OK - I may have missed this wasn't new and I thought that ActionTiles maybe had achieved that because of their 'special' relationship with ST.

Err no,, I don't want my HE devices on ST .. I am trying to remove cloud as much as possible. But it would have been interesting to have the integration between HomeAssistant and Hubitat implemented locally i.e. a port of the ST app but it's maybe too cloud entwined to have been useful.

I use MQTT currently but it's messy without any useful support or integration from Hubitat. (hint)


Ahh, now you are talking, sure, HE should bring some local tool for Hass :wink: