ST_Anything / Hubduino Parent Device

Is it possible to have more than 1 Parent ST_Anything device.. Currently I've created a Parent with half/dozen Child devices for my various sensors.. Was contemplating creating a second parent device but unclear how the sensor updates find the correct Parent on HE.

Thanks in advance..

It knows how to manage it.. I have at least 3 parent devices so far and plan on many more

ok that makes me feel much better.. is there a limit in # of children or parents ?

@maxamis, thanks for your response...

(Im very new to Huduino and ST_anything). I'm assuming you have 1 Sketch (like the ST_anything sketch) running in your MC, right.. or do you have 3 MC's, one for each parent device on HE ?
I just cant figure out how the device on the MC maps back to the correct parent in HE.

appreciate you thoughts/advice..,

Yes, you need one HubDuino Parent Device for each microcontroller.

You need one UNIQUE Arduino sketch for each microcontroller.

Each microcontroller needs a unique IP address.

Each Parent Device needs the unique IP address of ONE microcontroller entered into its settings. This is what links the Parent Device on the Hubitat hub to the microcontroller running the Arduino sketch.

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