Sql errors this morning

new errors this morning? I've taken a backup, stored remotely and rebooted. But I'm still getting errors.

The only thing i did yesterday was to load z-wave poller and remove. I didn;t even assign a device as I was unsure if the one device listed was plus or not.

I believe @doug has experience with this error.

Oof. Yes I do. I ended up doing a soft reset, I believe that truncates the db. Afterward you restore a backup and you're back to where you were with a less corrupted db.

However, don't take on those instructions without first reaching support.

I have a bad habit of starting to create a rule in RM.. and then clicking into a device and abandoning the rule without removing or saving. I have in the past found devices with dependencies to rules that do not exist in RM view. but have valid links from the device. I think my highest device # is in the 200's and app in the 300's. and I do not have that many devices or apps... :>