Splitting into 2 hubs

I bought a second hub t split security on one and everything else on the other.
I restored the original hub's backup to the new hub and disabled apps I didn't want on the new hub.
so far so good.
I linked the new hub to the old hub. This created a bunch of virtual devices, still good.

Question: Is there a way to bulk delete devices? I need to keep just the virtual devices from the new hub and delete the original devices from the restore.



Nope. A bit of a pain in times like this, but usually a rare occurrence. (If it's easier, I'm sure you've thought of the alternative: not restoring the backup and just re-creating the apps you want after liking the devices you do need.)

I did but one of the apps I want to move is a Nest.

Not sure about deleting devices, but if you're not using Hubconnect, you are missing out onthe best part of having 2 hubs.