Specific Sensors Reporting Wrong Time

I have 10 temp & power sensors that I am collecting data from via the API. All but three are reporting the correct time - the three are out of sync by an unusual amount and will not get in sync. The sensors that are incorrectly reporting the time are a Samsung Power outlet, and two SmartThings Temp/Humidity Sensors.

I have a total of 5 Samsung Power Outlets and 5 SmartThings Temp/Humidity Sensor so I know that some of them are reporting correctly.

I also confirmed that my Hubitat has the correct time. Is there any reason why this would be happening, and any ideas on how to correct it?

What do you mean by this? Where are you seeing that? These devices never get programmed with the time.

When I use the API to pull data back from the sensors. Using Maker API I use curl to make the http call for each device and write it to a log file. I see the incorrect timestamp in the return from the API call from these specific devices. All the other sensors return a correct timestamp. I assume that the call is made via the Hubitat, so if the devices are not programmed with the time (as I suspected) then something in the Hubitat may be screwing with the timstamp for these sensors.

When you collect the data that way, does it come from the device directly or are you pulling the last log entry for the device? If it's the last log entry, the time could be skewed by the reporting interval for that device . . .

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