Speak Message... Simple Error and (hopefully) Simple Fix

So I have several RMs that make announcements over speakers in my home. One such rule is below but the pattern of every rule is as follows:

  1. If trigger --> then
  2. Notify 'Pushover' '[Message]' [speak] [speakers]

The rules (all of them) execute fine with one small flaw and I think_emphasized text_ it has to do with the concept of speak and resume, but I am not sure.

For instance, I have a rule that behaves exactly as above for the front door that says "the front door is open" every time the front door is open.

If I open the front door triggering the rule the announcement plays.

Now, if I then open the balcony door (rule above), the system will say "the balcony door is open" (that's correct) BUT it then says "the Front Door is Open"

My thinking is the Rule is simply resuming whatever last played prior to my message (ie. "the front door is open").

Is there a way to stop this?

There's a known issue in the sonos TTS implementation where in some cases it plays the previous message after the new one, rather than stopping as it should

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This might be part of the same line of questioning but if I am listening to music and a rule triggers a message how do I build in a resume function to play my music again?

if anything is playing and a tts message is sent, the sonos driver saves the current URI, plays the tts message, then restores the previous uri.
If nothing is playing when the tts message is received, the previous track is not restored.
However there is a bug in that in sometimes even if nothing is currently playing, the previous tts message is played.
There will be a patch in the next release which may help with that problem.

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Thank you. Just for feedback, I’ve yet to see Sonos resume after a message. Thanks for working on a fix and happy fourth.

???, meaning if a track is playing, it doesn't resume?

Correct. I will pay attention more going forward so I’m absolutely positive but I always seem to restart the music using my iPhone

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