Sound Tone or TTS using Google Home or Alexa

I am wondering if there is a way to have either Google home or Alexa work as a sound tone device. I would like to set it up so when my Washing Machine is completed they stated "Washer is done" or even just make a sound. I have seen the Google relay app but I don't have a raspberry pi. Are there any other solutions? Thanks

You could give this a try.


Take a look Here

You can also use this. I''m using this method for door announcements. You don't have to have Google Assistant Relay, since you can do it with the method outlined by @keithcroshaw using OtherHub2, but if you do decide to do it with Google Assistant Relay, then you have both methods available.

I actually still use Google Assistant Relay to do the laundry announcements and for laundry status (which machine is running), but could switch it to Alexa just as easily.

Do you have an old laptop you could use? I'm actually using an old Mac laptop I have configured to stay awake when the lid is closed. Quietly runs all extras, not very high power consumption either. I'm running Homebridge, Google Assistant Relay, VLC Player (for use with VLC Thing), and Insteon-Server (a Node.js server to integrate Insteon with Hubitat) on it. You can certainly do all that with a Pi, but I had a few of these 2009 aluminum MacBooks given to me and they work well for this task. I'm a Mac user for my primary laptop, so this makes admin very simple by using the built-in screen sharing of Mac OS. But any VNC will work with a Pi or Windows PC too.

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Thanks everyone; I have the Alexa talker working. I broke down and ordered a raspberry pi. My eco system is mostly Google Home. Plus it gives me a new toy to play with.

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I think you will love the pi. I was resistant at first. Now that I have it is central to several automations. In this world of multiple hubs. Having one box that is so versatile is nice.

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I have received my raspberry PI and I have done everything to get Google relay running on it. I have even tried installing it on my window computer. I have followed everything step by step and read/watched every video on-line. Is there something I am missing or has something changed.


Can you explain where you're stuck? What is and what isn't working? Please provide any errors you receive so we can help.

I deleted everything and did a reboot and have it installed. One thing I am not sure of is this step:

The port and URL to access your Assistant Relay instance on. This will normally be the machines local IP address, followed by the port set above. i.e. You can set this to an external URL using dyndns or similar if you wish to access from outside your network

What http:// address is it asking for? Sorry if that a dumb question. I am super new to this side of things. Thanks

Silly question, but if you make it available outside your network, aren't you inviting an attack by sending arbitrary commands to your Assistant? Improbable, sure, but seems risky. Or is there an authentication piece to the GA Relay that I haven't caught yet?