Sound on door open

I am trying to trigger a sound when a door opens.

Currently, I have it set to speak the command "door open" from Sonos when the door opens. The problem is if you're listening to music, it stops the playlist, says "door open" and then restarts the entire playlist.

Now, I also have Go Control sirens, so is there a way to make them chirp? Like, play the siren for like a quarter second?

I'm not sure if this is possible but I know that Sonos added support to some of their speakers to act as cast devices. If this is the case you can setup the Google Assistant Relay that will do a "broadcast" without stopping playback to do an announcement.

Somebody with Sonos can confirm or deny this. This does work for Google Assistant devices though like Home, Home Mini, Hub, etc.

As far as your sirens go, do they support the "Beep" command or have a custom command that plays a tone other than a siren sound? If not, I would not advise to try and play a siren and then cut it off. Your Z-Wave network will never be that stable.

Other options:

  • The Dome Sirens have door chirps
  • Ring chimes can be leveraged via an unofficial integration to chime
  • Split one speaker out of the group and reserve it for "chimes"

I used the Dome Sirens for a while for this ability but I found the batteries depleted in about 2 months. Too frequent for me. I now use the Ring chimes.

I wrote a SmartThings handler for that device which had a beep feature, but the device's response time is really unreliable so sometimes it would chirp so fast you could barely hear it and other times the siren would stay on for 3+ seconds...

The Zooz Multisiren, Aeotec Siren 6, and NEO Coolcam Siren can play a variety of beep sounds, but NEO is almost the same device as the Dome Siren so it might have the same battery issue @codahq mentioned.

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