Sound beep when setting alarm

Hello, I have a siren, and I would like a beep when I arm or disarm, I can't find a way to do it, let's see if someone can help me

What type of siren are you using?

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Also typically Sirens are pretty loud, have you considered a keypad (they can have entry/exit delays programmed in HSM).

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Not having that device I can only take a stab (Using Rule Machine), but this works using my aeotec gen 5 siren.


Selected run custom action, and then chose actuator to get the beep option. Hopefully the one you have also has the beep option.


Where do I find the actuator option?

Run custom action


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Thank you very much friend, I could not find it!

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Of course, glad to be of assistance. The actuator can be tricky to find the first time you go to use it.

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