Sonos Volume Control

I don't see an option to set the volume when setting a rule to play a track. I would like to use Hubitat to play a stream each morning at a specific volume. I have everything working but don't see an option in the rule machine to set the volume for "play track". Any suggestions?

I think I answered my own question, I discovered custom commands and was able to set the volume within the rule using the custom command. Still would be nice to be able to populate a field within the rule for volume when dealing with the "play" functions. Thanks!

Hi. Would you be able to share how you created the custom command to set the volume?

Sorry, found it myself when I just looked for it.
RM -> Create custom commands -> Select Music player -> Select a Sonos speaker -> Pick which command you want to configure and what parameter to send with it (setVolume(75) in my case).