Sonos TTS

Many of us struggle with Sonos resetting itself. Aspects make limited sense how/why, but this sets and keeps my Sonos at 100 for subsequent TTS:

setVolume, setLevel, and volumeUp are IAW how @Eskay shared.

So I have my Sonos rule defined as recommended above:

playTextAndRestore(This is a test message, 40) on Bonus Room Sonos

However, when it is playing music, and I trigger the rule, it will do the following:

  • Raise my volume to 40
  • Play my test message
  • Return the volume to previous setting
  • Play my test message again
  • Does not return to playing music

How do I get it to go back to playing music without manually going into my sonos app on my phone?

thats the million dollar question don, no answer has been found yet.

Yup, just happened to me today as well. The command is correct, however, the issue lies with SONOS not confirming the TTS was completed successfully and looking at the status as "playing". It will think the recent TTS was the last playing item and "resume" your music which is the TTS. Lame.

Maybe the solution is to add a 2 second delay after the TTS to give the device enough time to confirm the message is complete?

Seems to still be a problem. Just as described by @Eskay

Sonos gets stuck on the TTS message, as if it’s a track, and won’t resume the music you had been playing before the TTS.