Sonos TTS Absolute Level

Hey guys I'm a newbie here... been a week with my HE and almost have all my devices migrated from Wink and I'm loving it! But a quick question - I'm using the Notifications app to make a Sonos speaker announce when a door (contact sensor) opens. Problem is the speaker I'm using isn't always set to a constant volume so the TTS volume offset isn't an ideal solution for me. Is it possible to set an absolute level adjustment for TTS instead of an offset adjustment, so that the TTS is played at a specified volume, and then the speaker reverts to its previouly set volume?

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If you change your notification type from "On this speech device" to "On this music device", you'll get a small popup that will allow you to set the volume.

If you have multiple Sonos zones I would recommend using @Cobra Message Central. Message Central allows you to set a different volume level per sonos speaker. Using the built in app, there is only one volume setting for all speakers.

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@corerootedxb Thanks for the info. I tried this and it works, but only when the volume level on the speaker is set > the TTS volume. If the speaker volume is < TTS volume, the TTS clip plays at the desired volume for a split second and reverts to original speaker volume while the TTS clip is still playing. Is there a work around for this? I guess I can try Message Central in the meantime.

dev:1322019-03-29 01:29:28.455 pm debugGarage Entry Door Sensor is closed

app:982019-03-29 01:29:28.443 pm debugReceived sensor update from Konnected device: BCDDC29DEB51|2 = 0

dev:292019-03-29 01:29:27.108 pm infoBar Sonos is stopped

dev:292019-03-29 01:29:25.592 pm infoBar Sonos is playing

dev:292019-03-29 01:29:25.502 pm infoBar Sonos audio level is 13%

dev:292019-03-29 01:29:25.116 pm infoBar Sonos playing: Garage entry door just opened. by Hubitat from TTS

dev:292019-03-29 01:29:24.998 pm infoBar Sonos audio level is 50%

dev:1322019-03-29 01:29:24.995 pm debugGarage Entry Door Sensor is open

This is strangeness. There's something wierd in your config, I'm thinking. Im using SONOS for a TTS destination (music device) while using the sonos as a background music player. During announcement playback, the voice level sets correctly, the TTS is played, and then the music resumes at the previous level.

Admittedly, I haven't done any exhaustive testing, but the Music volume does get varied throughout the week, and I think I'd have seen this issue by now.

Not helpful I know.

I have definitely seen this issue, although not all the time. I never thought that maybe it was caused by the starting volume, but I will pay attention to that now.

Most of the time the volume settings behave properly, but every once in a while they blast their announcements, or the volume changes while playing the announcement.

Interesting. Admittedly, I'm not home when the largest number of TTS messages are played, so I'll pay more attention and ask the Mrs if she's heard this happen.

It works this way for me as well. I am wondering if when your sonos resumes does it go back to where it left off before the TTS or does it go to the beginning of the playlist? This is what it does for me.:anguished:

I think it goes to the next song rather than going back to the beginning of the playlist, but I'm not sure. I pretty much use it exclusively with Pandora "radio" type artist channels rather than specific playlists. And to be honest its background music at a relatively low volume, as our house gets a little too quiet sometimes (often) as strange as that may sound. So, I know it does change songs, but that's as far as I've gotten! :grin: