Sonos Speakers Local MP3s?

I am brand new to hubitat. After a rough start and a little help, I was able to connect a device and send texts to my android when a contact is open. Yaaay!

I was reading about having a Sonos speaker play local MP3s in response to triggers.

Does this work with any Sonos speaker? Will it work with any smart speaker? (noticed these are pricey)


You can use Alexa or Google for TTS as well...

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Yup. Even the cheapest one - sold by Ikea. It is about $100.


Am I correct that the Sonos integration would be local while Google & Alexa would be cloud dependent?

Cómo reproduces un sonido MP3 en Alexa??

I recently added an Ecolink Z-wave chime/siren to my system.

The device comes with built-in chimes and siren alerts, but the device comes with a microSD card slot. You can install custom mp3 files on a inexpensive microSD card and then play them as an alternative to the defaults. The only caveat is that the sound slots allocated to default siren sounds will play loudly and repeatedly anything you assign to those slots. You activate the sounds by selecting the number of the sound. All sounds need to be named with an integer number followed by the description. For example "32_garage door open". You would then play that sound by using the command Play Sound 32.

In my experience, SONOS doesn't work well "locally". If the internet is down, getting them to do anything has been troublesome (for me).

Hopefully this is no longer true, and someone will chime in and correct me!


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Thanks! :slight_smile: Looking for local and don't want to talk to the speaker, only send commands from the hubitat to it to play a local MP3.

Yippee! Thanks! :grin:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, let's hope. Fingers crossed!

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With my speakers blocked from using the internet, I could still do the following:

  1. Play MP3s from my local fileserver.
  2. Use node-sonos-http-api to group/ungroup speakers

I mucked about with this about a year ago. So hopefully nothing has changed.

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The Ecolink device functions locally. No Internet is required. Since my device is providing security alerts such a door opening, motion detected after bedtime, I do not want to lose functionality should an intruder cut the Internet cable entering my home.

Awesome thank you! I'm just a bit iffy about all this cloud stuff and worry about connecting too many things to the internet, especially smart things. That's why I went with the hubitat. I'd rather play an MP3 from the PC as an action than go through Amazon's poly whatever thing for TTS.

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Is Ecolink an entirely different system? Or are you talking about an Ecolink speaker that does TTS without internet?

You can enclose the cable drop to the house in conduit. While it won't deter professionals it will slow down amateurs.

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If you have a Mac, you can even encode your mp3s locally.

That sounds interesting but I don't know what you mean. Do you mean the hubitat can create actions directly in the MAC without going through a smart speaker? I had wondered previously but didn't see this anywhere if there was anyway way or APP for TTS directly in a computer. Like when I programmed TTS in my Access databases using VBA.


Ecolink Z-Wave 700 Chime + Siren, Z-Wave Plus S2 Enabled, with Battery Backup, Security Intruder (ISZW7-ECO)

how can i play a sound file on alexa? I want to create a routine that if a door is opened, it plays a sound that I have saved in the local of he, could you guide me?

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