Sonos Speaker Groups — Question

I couldnt’ find anything else about this topic so here goes:

  1. In my living room I have two Sonos Speakers, a Sonos Connect and Sonos One (Alexa).

  2. Within the Sonos App I have grouped the speakers so to play music on one will play music on the other.

  3. Within HE I have added both speakers and have automations for the speakers to make annaouncements.

  4. I think these automations, when run, force the group of speakers to split apart.

For instance, I have an automation:

  1. If Contact Sensor Entryway triggers open
  2. Announce on BOTH speakers “The Front Door is Open”

This seemingly splits the group apart, but I cannot be sure.

Does anyone have any experience regarding this?

If they are grouped have you tried just configuring the main one in the group in the app
I think sonos should automatically sync it with the rest of the group


Possibility: The Hubitat driver does not support grouped functions. So the previous response is correct. Always use one as the master and always point notifications to master. (If you interrupt a slave for TTS, it will not recover back to a slave (my experience with Samsung Grouped speakers).

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