SONOS play text and resume

Any chance we could get playTextAndResume added to SONOS intrigration?

Although TTS works on SONOS all it does is speak the message twice or once depending on what you select and there seems to be no way to get what I was playing before to continue. I think the best I have had is on certain things it would start the que of music again.



Back when I inquired on this exact topic when I was on SmartThings, people smarter than me said the issue is on the Sonos side, i.e., that the functionality of the command we have available to us (TextAndResume) will not work until Sonos fixes it on their end (or "enables" it if you prefer). Not sure if Hubitat can fix that. One can hope!

Sorry to revive an old post but I have read through all of the other Sonos TTS resume playback posts and wondered if anybody had actually fixed this.

Feels like a backwards step to plug the SmartThings back in to get it working again.



I got it to resume playback after tts but the solution wasn't built into Hubitat and I had to pay to play :slight_smile: had to get code written for me.

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