Sonos Pause (Automation) Issue

So this just started misbehaving over the course of the past day (or so).

I have two very simple RM Rules to control a Sonos player in my laundry room. They are in RM because I needed to use a custom command to play a particular genre of music but the gist is as follows:

  1. Laundry Room Light Turns On then Run Custom RM Command to Play Music. THIS RULE WORKS JUST FINE.

  2. Laundry Room Light Turns Off then Pause Laundry Room Sonos.

Rule #2 seems to have stopped working over the weekend for some odd reason.

Attached are the logs. What I can confirm (from the logs) is that Pause, as an independent command, still works for Laundry Room Sonos. Also, the Rule 'Spa Music - Off' triggers, but does not seem to fire the command 'Laundry Room Sonos - Pause'.

Any advise/assistance would be great because now the music just plays all day (and night).

Is this a bug?

Bugs normally behave the same way everytime if nothing else has changed.

Agreed. This changed recently and I don’t know when.

For the heck of it you could try creating the existing trigger as a rule to see if it works any better.
You could leave the trigger in place with a mode restriction to prevent it from running whilst you test the new rule.

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