Sonos new integrations with Smartthings

Just got an email about Sonos new Smartthings integration. I would really love to see this in HE! This is the only thing that I have running on my ST hub still. A WebCore piston that will adjust the volume of a group of speakers up or down when I ask Alexa to "turn the music down" or "turn the music up".

"We are pleased to announce that Sonos is now officially supported by SmartThings! Together, Sonos and SmartThings are launching a new and improved integration that includes audio notification improvements and local execution for a faster and more stable connection. "

Jane, you could do this now in HE
All you need is a couple of momentary virtual switches and a couple of alexa routines.
(And maybe a rule or two)

Routine 1
‘Turn the music up’
This turns on switch 1

Routine 2
‘Turn the music down’
This turns on switch 2

You could probably do the next bit with RM (easy in a custom app) but as I don’t use RM, I’m not sure how it would work (I’m sure someone else could confirm)

When switch 1 is turned on -> increase sonos volume by 5%
When switch 2 turns on -> decrease volume by 5%

When either of the routines are triggered, the volume would increase/decrease by 5%

In one of my apps (which uses a hue dimmer) I found 5% to be about right for a volume step but you could set any level of increase/decrease.



I found this post from ST interesting, specifically regarding that the new ST to Sonos integration is using a local webSockets API. I don't have a Sonos device, so I am not aware of how Hubitat is performing their integration with Sonos. Perhaps Hubitat could also use the Sonos webSockets integration, if it is not already doing so...:thinking: Perhaps this would provide additional functionality?

Just thinking out loud. @mike.maxwell, @patrick, @chuck.schwer, @bravenel

Here's your answer. How reliable is Sonos integration?

The problem is the Sonos grouping. I don't think HE supports this.

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I’ve found with my two sonos speaker group that tts should be only sent to the ‘group leader’ (or it splits the group) but that volume can be sent to individual speakers.
I use this with a new version of Message Central and find it works well.


HE doesn't. It also doesn't support left/right paired speakers. I have two Play-1s in a left/right configuration in my kitchen and HE sees them as two separate devices rather than with ST that sees it as a single one.