Sonos integration

I have 4 Sonos speakers:
2 play 1
1 play 3
1 connect

I want to use Hubitat to make announcements on these speakers. So I test it with a simple rule. All 4 if them receive the announcement. All play once as required. But play3 repeats the message several times. It is not like N times but seems like for some time. For example it repeats a short message 4-5 times. Sometimes the last one is half cut. How can I stop it from repeating ?

Sounds like an issue with Play3 and NOT HE as your other speakers are working.
Perhaps it is an older model, firmware etc.
Maybe check the Sonos Forums for this issue with Play3.

actually I already contacted Sonos support and Sonos community forums.
I have also submitted a diag to them.
They analyzed and told me that there's nothing wrong. They also asked for a test with Alexa device (simple announcement from Alexa to Sonos Play3)
it works.

I believe this is not an "issue" with either Hubitat or Sonos.
There's some parameter which sends the announcement to the last speaker with a duration.
If we can disable that duration, it will be good with no repeats.

Play3 is the last speaker that receives the announcement.

You could also test using the inbuilt Notifications App rather than RM as it is more efficient processing and was built for that type of function.

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tested with it. same result...

Does same test work with HE ? (Just to the Play3 on its own )
Can Alexa test to all the group ?

announcement can play on Play3. But it repeats the announcement.
On Play1 , announcement plays only once.

Btw, this repeatition is not like N times. It is like "for a duration" , so the last repeat is mostly half cut.

Dunno how that could be resolved because you’ll never know how long a Pending message will be.
Good luck finding a solution.
Maybe search the forum for things like “Sonos repeat” or “Sonos issues”

Have you tried removing the power from the Play3, and test again with just using the other three Sonos speakers (2 play 1, and 1 connect). To test and verify, that the last speaker in line is the one that "repeats the message several times".

I tried that. If Play3 is removed from scenario, all 3 speakers play once.
But my assumption was wrong. It is not about the order in group. when I just use Play3 , it still repeats.
here are my additional tests:

  1. I removed Play3 from the scenario and just sent the announcement to other speakers. None of them repeated.
  2. I sent the announcement to ONLY Play3. It repeated.
  3. I sent the announcement to ONLY one of my Play1s. No repeat.

Time to retire the Play3 then. :grimacing:

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Good point. In the last two weeks we've learnt that Sonos will do it sooner or later anyway.:joy:




nooooo :frowning:
I can't remove it. I love the sound of it.

isn't there any parameter which affects the duration or repeat count of an announcement from Hub to Speaker ?

I do not believe the HE is repeating any broadcast because no other speaker is repeating !

You could create a rule to ADD repeats but when HE is NOT repeating a broadcast how can you reduce it ??
Set something like -1 or -2 ??
That does not make sense. Sorry

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This isn't a HE issue it's a Sonos issue. This is a well known issue that many used to have to work around with TTS on Sonos. Before there was a hokey-pokey dance of...

  • Check if anything is playing
  • snapshot what is playing
  • get duration of what you're sending
  • send TTS
  • wait.... stop playing
  • re-queue the snapshot
  • play

Newer players thankfully made that less of a burden on integration :slight_smile:

Time to retire the old one...


thanks for this information. But I didn't understand what to do.

I don'T care what was playing (if anything was playing)
I just want to play my announcement.

So, would it be enough if I just send a "stop" command before playing the announcement ?

what about checking duration ? should I get the duration and then send a stop command when that duration expires ?
is it doable with HE's rule manager ?

Time to retire the old one...

Actually I don't thave this issue on my Play:1 speakers. Just the Play:3. I believe Play:1 was not released after Play:3
So it is not a matter of Play:3 being an older speaker. (at least not older than my Play:1 which is fine)

Send a stop command AFTER your announcement but it may cut off the announcement in the middle because you don't know the duration. There's really not much if anything you can do. This is a Sonos issue and the HE integration is not built to work around this issue.

Options: Replace the Play:3 or don't use it for announcements.

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Hang on, now the replies are repeating too !


great :slight_smile:
then let me repeat :

I love my Play:3 and removing it is not an option.
But there's one thing Sonos support is correct: Amazon Alexa announcements do not replay on my Play:3 . So there is an implementation bug caused by HE
It can be solved by HE but nobody cares...