Sonos Integration - support groups

Any chance to add support of Sonos Groups?



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This would be huge! There are too many opportunities for the Sonos Groups to "fall apart" that are not related to HE yet no place to automate them.


This would be huge. Love to see it. Unfortunately I haven't the talent to solve the mystery.

I to would love that. So when I tell it to play something it plays in sync on all devices. Right now if I want to play a track it sent the track to each device and they are out of sync.

Resurrecting this thread... any chance of this getting on the road map?

+1 would love this natively.
I've opted to run Sonos HTTP as a work-around on the same rPI I have for Homebridge/Homekit support.
See this post for details: Control Sonos Music in 2020? - #16 by SoundersDude

I came across this post that I found helpful in the mean time... this is working well so far.

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