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I have a Connect as well... I find that I just don't use it. Both of my Home Theater amps have a ROKU directly connected, so if I stream music through the Amps, I just tend to use the ROKU.

Do you find the Connect provides a better sound than - say a Roku or Similar device direct connected?



I would assume using tidal had much more to do with the sound quality than the connect versus another amp would.


Two distinct elements drive this, source media quality (Tidal can stream lossless) and the speakers being used. The electronics in the middle (unless they are total rubbish) have virtually zero impact.

Think about it this way, match the speakers with the intended media bitrate in critical listening areas.

It makes little sense to spend money on lossless if your two way speakers cost you a hundred bucks.

Conversely feeding your multi thousand dollar speakers with 128K media can sound like trash...


Gotcha. Makes perfect sense.

I left my Audiophile days behind long ago! I spend a fair bit on speakers and surround equipment for my home theater, but thats all about immersion, and less about absolute fidelity.

Consequently, Tidal isn't really in the cards for me, and the Sonos seems to be sufficient unto the day! But, I get it.

What are you using with your Connects/Amps? (out of curiosity)



Shop (Connect):

  • L & R, JBL Control 1 Pro with Dayton Audio RSS265HF-4 10 in a .75 cubic foot sealed enclosure

Outdoor (Amp):

  • L & R, JBL Control 28-1-WH
  • Sub, JBL EON 518S

Living Room (Connect):

  • L & R, Martin Logan Motion 40
  • Center, Martin Logan Edge
  • L & R Surround, NHT 2.1
  • Sub, 2x Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4 15's in a 6 cubic foot sealed enclosure
  • Atmos, 4x JBL Control 1 Pro

All I can say is I'm glad to have an appreciative wife...


Nice. Love all the JBL! I've only heard a couple Martin Logans, and never anything from Dayton Audio, although I see their stuff on Parts Express all the time.

My connect has a pair of Polks all he way around (7.1) Through the Yamaha Amp, but my main home Theater has Paradigms for the Center, Front Left and Right, and Some Monoprice ceiling mounts for the rear surround and Atmos. I also have this unbelievable (to me) SVS subwoofer.

I couldn't believe it when my wife went for the Paradigms and SVS! So I hear you! Great gear you've got there. Enjoy!



Couldn't agree more!

An SVS PB16-Ultra might be a birthday present to my self this year...


I really have to plan a vacation to the states. Though I have to save money for about 5 years to have enough for my whole whishlist of things I can't buy in Europe. :joy:


I went with 2xSVS PB12s instead, since I had room. I always prefer 2x subs as you can eliminate standing waves and acoustic boost due to room geometry MUCH easier than with a mono sub.

But as always, in either case, positioning is everything when it comes to subs.


Yeah, fortunately in this room I don't have any modal issues, not that I wouldn't mind having twin 16s in there...


I actually tried the ultra first in my theater room, it is a beautiful unit. The PB12s just ended you working better in that space.


I'm afraid I was a bit budget limited, as the downstairs home theater system was an Add-on to the greater remodeling project, so I have a single PB-1000, but my space is small and it sounds crazy good. I'm sure 2 PB-12s would (literally) shake the house!


Yes, they can literally knock things off the wall if you push them hard enough. One of the nice side effects of having 2 subs is that you can keep the gain way down, and keep them in a very nice controlled operating window.

If I had it to do over again, I'm not sure I wouldn't have tried harder to get 1 Ultra to work the way I wanted, though. The 2 PB12s do take a LOT of space... Or maybe one SB12 and one PB12.

But oh well, I don't have infinite time to lug subs around the room (or back and forth to the store) so it is what it is unless something breaks. lol.


Read on MacRumors that these two Ikea speakers are now available to purchase. I'm assuming it supports the same TTS capabilities that full-blown Sonos speakers do, so at Ikea pricing, I'm almost tempted to at least try one. :slight_smile:


try it :wink:


I'm headed to Ikea this weekend. I'm picking up at least one.

Based on all the emails Sonos has been spamming me with this week, telling me how they are going to integrate seamlessly into my Sonos setup...I'm guessing they will be indistinguishable in terms of things like TTS. Sound quality? Remains to be seen.



I really like that these do not have a microphone. I would like to get one but the two Ikea stores nearest me are Charlotte or Norfolk, neither of which are close enough to make me want to rush over to pick one up.

Edit: A delivery fee of almost $40.00 means these are not an option at the moment.


From what I've heard the bookshelves are comparable to the Sonos one but a little bit more of a "party" speaker, so a little less in dynamic range and more bass then the ones.


LOL - for me, IKEA is quoting a $199 delivery fee, on top of the $99 price for the speaker! Ridiculous! :crazy_face:


A little more base would be nice. If that's true than I may use my 1's for TTS and add the Symfonisks to areas where I use them for background music.

I'll know tomorrow, I'm violating my own rule about stepping foot in that lunatic asylum, and I'm picking up 2.