Sonos + Hubitat not providing source images for Album art to Sharptools like ST

Im using Sharptools on a wall mounted android tablet to see the album art of the currently playing music. This worked flawlessly when I was using SmartThings, but it seems that Hubitat / Sonos integration isnt providing the album art to Sharptools.

My post on the SharpTools forum:

I have a related question for you: I switched from SmartThings to Hubitat (and made the changes in Sharptools), but now my Album Cover art is subpar.

  1. About 30% of the time it doesnt show the album art… just the headphone icon. (On ST that never happened).
  2. The 70% of the time that it does show the art, it seems like its pulling from an inferior image source. Some images are the right artist, but some alternate cover art that I havent seen before (for common artists). Or the art has odd things like a retail sticker in the corner (verses it being clean when I was on SmartThings).

Any ideas? I could go back to SmartThings for this, but I was hoping to fully migrate away from that platform.

Here is @josh at SharpTools response:

If it’s Sonos, the Sonos integration on Hubitat does not provide the source images to SharpTools like the SmartThings-Sonos integration does. So the tile falls back to searching online for a relevant image based on the metadata provided. That fallback search is dependent on the quality of the metadata that’s provided by the device (eg. accurate artist name, etc) and can usually find images for common albums, but might struggle for more esoteric albums or if low quality metadata is provided by the device.

Is this a known issue? Do I need to go back to SmartThings for this?
Thanks in advance for the help!! :slight_smile: