Sonoff Zigbee Mini L2 (extreme) reporting every 7 minutes

Hi guys,today i have several questions/ problems jeje :stuck_out_tongue: but here im only gonna talk about the Sonoff one

i have 2 Sonoff zigbee mini L2,also named: Sonoff zigbee mini extreme (the ones who dont ned neutral), well, the problem is not really a problem but it catches my attention and its annoying

i have 2,one is kind of far away of the Hubitat but near of a zigbee repeater,and the other is near (in my test even 1 meter away of the Hubitat) the devices works fine,always respond (are light bulbs) but
both of them every 7 minutes notify my hub that the device is physical Off. any idea why?how can disable that?i dont need know the status of the device all the time,thanks guys

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