Sonoff zb mini zigbee issues


I’ve got a sonoff zb mini which I’ve added and comes up as a generic zigbee however it should have 2 switch outputs similar to the aeotec dual nano. Currently it just has the one. Any ideas how to force it to show both switches? Is there a custom driver for it (have googled but to no avail)


Did you try the inbuilt Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch driver?

Thanks just tried it now. I’m still able to turn it on and off but it doesn’t import any child devices. Is there something else I need to do?

Did you click on Configure button?
After pressing F5 in the browser to refresh the page you should see the child devices at the bottom

Are you sure your model has 2 relays?
What I found on the net is 1 relay model ...

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Ahhh ok so pulled through two child devices ep01 and epf2 I can control ep01 but epf2 doesn’t do anything. Anything else I can try?

SONOFF ZBMINI ZigBee MINI Smart Switch, 2 Way Light Switch, Compatible with Alexa, SmartThings Hub, Philips Hue Bridge, Google Home, SONOFF ZBBridge, ZigBee 3.0 Gateway Hub Required, 10A/2200W, 2 Pack

It’s this model

It is one relay only model

One bulb.

Argh my bad, I’d assumed that s1 and s2 were independent.

Any modules you’d recommend that are dual switchable and work well in hubitat?

I’m trying to feed a sensor to it so that it reports it’s state to the module

If you are in the UK, it's better to hear from other Hibitat users in the UK what dual switches fit into the electrical switch box in the wall used in your region. There are a lot of dual relays modules, but fitting inside the box seems to be one of the most important factors,

Ok thanks for your help!

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I used this one ( Yagusmart 2 Way Zigbee 3.0 Smart Light Switch) and it works great. it is slightly bigger than the ZB mini's but I fitted 40mm plastic back boxes so size wasn't a problem. Like the ZB's it does require a neutral. I also used the NUE zigbee switch driver and it see's both endpoints. Hope this helps :+1:

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Shelly 2.5 work great. I have a couple doing 2 switches each.

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