Sonoff USB Zigbee Sniffer

Was on the itead website (Sonoff) and saw this device. Could this be useful for Zigbee network diagnostics?

CC2531 USB Zigbee Dongle Module Sniffer Bare Board Packet Protocol Analyzer USB Interface Dongle Capture PacketUSB_Zigbee

Looks the same as this:

(plus a few other threads where people have mentioned it, but that one is probably the most informative)

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For all intents and purposes, it IS the same, a CC2531, just cheaper. For low-level diagnostics and writing Zigbee drivers it is really handy. For most people an Xbee with the XCTU software would be easier to use for diagnostics however. I have both, for looking at packets when writing a driver I use the CC2531, for looking at the state of my mesh I use the Xbee.

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