Sorry if this is the wrong category, but I was wondering if anyone has a driver for TASMOTA flashed SONOFF devices, or a link to another driver where I can possibly build a rudimentary button to interact with a on-network HTTP API?

The TASMOTA firmware exposes some routes on the network eg:

Flashing these things is a pain and I already have 4 of them setup with TASMOTA


So I did some more digging, and I had totally forgotten that TASMOTA gives you the ability to flash over the air.

After a few minutes of debating whether it was worth it, I bit the bullet and flashed the custom firmware from here and followed the setup instructions from the ST forum post.

Everything worked great!

I would still like to know if it would be possible to do what my OP was asking, but now it's just a nice to know rather than a need to know :wink:

Cheers to @ericm for the firmware! I will say that I ended up adding the sonoff manually via the IP address. Do I need to reserve that IP now or will the app driver switch to using the MAC in the future?

I found a very basic driver for the Tasmota firmware somewhere in the SmartThings forums, but it only supports a single switch. My plan is to modify it to support multiple switches and devices, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Controlling the switch is easy, but the driver will need to poll the switch to determine if the state was changed manually. Not a big deal, just not instantaneous syncing.

FYI, I just posted a basic driver supporting the Sonoff Tasmota firmware that's working well for my basic needs. Personally I've found the Tasmota firmware to be more stable than the Sonoff Connect firmware, but YMMV.

Thanks for the link! I'll try that driver out when I hook up one of my other Sonoff devices.

I've only had the other driver running for less than 48 hours, so no reliability issues yet, but I'll keep it in mind. I also only live in a 900sq/ft apartment that is mostly one large room, so the connectivity of most of my WiFi devices is quite good.

I'll check out the Github link as well. I should probably read through the Hubitat development forums to see what it actually takes to adapt ST drivers, but work keeps me busy and I never want to write code when I get home after writing code all day :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm using the Sonoff connect firmware on a couple H801 RGBW controllers. They'll work fine for a while, but will occasionally become unresponsive. To fix it, I need to reconnect to the internal WiFi access point and rejoin to my WiFi network. When I find the time, I'm going to flash the Tasmota firmware on them, since it's been rock solid on my Sonoff 4CH Pro.

What kind of WiFi do you have? I have a pretty beefy Ubiquiti setup, so I'm not terribly worried. Good to hear that they can be easily reconnected though.

I only use the sonoffs to control simple things (a lamp, extension cord, etc) so it's no big deal if they lose connection for a day or two until I can get around to hooking them back up.

I have a Ubiquiti setup too. It could be more of an issue with the H801 devices rather than the firmware itself. Who knows, I might have the same issues after flashing the Tasmota firmware. I like the simplicity of the Tasmota setup though (not needing a separate discover app to find the devices), and the fact that you can reflash firmware from the web interface.

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