Sonoff SNZB-01 Zigbee Button - dumb question... how to you remove the battery to replace it?

So yeah, I have a bunch of these cheap Zigbee button controllers scattered around the house and though they are pretty butt-ugly compared to the dead Samsung button, they have been pretty reliable.

At some point I'm going to need to swap out the batteries in them, and looking at the guts of one of them now, it occurs to me that there doesn't seem to be a clear process to pop out the existing battery in it... it's wedged in there pretty tight, and the minuscule little retention tab doesn't appear to have any give in it to release the battery. So before I destroy any of these trying to swap the batteries in them, can anyone clue me in as to how we're supposed to pop the batteries out of these suckers?

You can watch this: Change the battery of the Sonoff SNZB01 - YouTube .... and yes, it is wedged pretty tight.

Push the battery towards the metal contacts, they will bend backwards. You need to use a very thin piece of metal to get in between the battery & its holder.
Mine went wacko after I changed the battery, kept dropping off. So let us know how you makeout, both with battery & connectivity after the swap

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I just replaced the battery - I had to peel back one of the metal tabs just a pinch with a small flathead - that gave it enough slack to force out the battery. The new battery went in fine and the unit started working again. I will update if mine goes wacko after the change.

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I coincidentally swapped my battery on my button when I was switching from Smartthings to HE and now cannot get the device to pair with HE at all. I've tried holding the reset button for a few seconds so that it's reset and discovered, but it is never found. I've probably tried this 20 times. It was working perfectly with ST, so hoping I can figure something out

As a test I usually try to pair to ST for comparison, to see if the device is being problematic or the HE hub is acting up again. My Sonoff button gave me a heck of a time getting it re-paired to my C4 hub. Eventually it worked, but I did give up out of frustration for a few days, and then after it worked. I suspect, but have no proof, that being almost impossible to hit the reset button alone, without actuating the switch, affects the pairing. Once it's paired mine stays on darn good tho.

Hmm, maybe that is causing an issue when I try to reset it. I'll try doing it again more carefully and try NOT to activate the switch. Hope it's something as easy as that!