Sonoff s26

So I picked up some s26 smart plug on a black Friday deal. So far so good not had any issues connecting to HE and setting up some automations.

I would like to disable the manual button on a couple of the plugs, is there any way to do this?

If not I did notice that using the button creates an event in in the HE log. Is there anything I can do to monitor for the event and immediately switch the plug back off? It would be a bit of a jank way to do it but it would do the job.

What kind of event? Does it indicate this was a physical event? I have attached an example of what I am referring to:

Yes switching it on/off from the dashboard logs as digital, using the button logs as physical.

Do you want it ALWAYS on, or just not able to use the button?

Here is a rule I made just to monitor and be sure the sump is never turned off by accident. I am only using the smart plug to monitor how often it runs and if it gets stuck for some reason, I never want it off.

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