Sonoff Mini

Anybody seen these yet? There's now a HA switch for less than $10 US that can fit inside an electrical box. And you don't even have to open it up to flash custom firmware. You can do it totally via software now. I know I'm going to be picking a couple up.

Can already find them on Amazon, or AliExpress if you don't mind waiting 6 weeks to get it. And there's even a Tasmota template for it.

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Looks interesting!

Thanks....don't know what happened when I was originally pasting the link. That's what i get for trying to do it from my phone. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do you know if there are any HE drivers or apps available for these yet?


There are quite a few community drivers for the Sonoffs in the forums. I use the Sonoff/Tasmota driver personally, but @ericm has made a driver and custom firmware for the Sonoffs that also work really well.


Thanks. I'm struggling to get HE to see the devices at the moment. The instructions are really rubbish.

Can I ask how you got on ?
What drivers are you using ?

I'm afraid I abandoned it in the end. It turns out you have to flash the devices with a different firmware. The Sonoff Mini's actually come with a jumper which you have to install inside the device in order to put it into DIY mode and there are a series of instructions which I failed to get through. It was very peculiar because one of the devices was visible on my network but couldn't be seen by the Sonoff software and the other was visible by the software but I couldn't find an IP address for it. I could have been dealing with IP conflicts but two of us locked at the issue and neither of us could work out what was going on.

There is an excellent video on flashing the devices with the Tasmota firmware here YouTube.

If you can work your way through those instructions then you should be on to a winner. As I say, I seemed to be doing fine all the way to the end of the instructions but then they weren't behaving as expected.

I gave up in the end and I purchased some Aeotec Z-Wave relays which are brilliant but much more expensive.

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I've got one that I haven't set-up yet but have just moved so don't have internet at home yet to set it up. It should work fine when flashed with tasmota and I'll let you know how I go next week.

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I get right up to here...

then after clicking OK, nothing progresses. :frowning:

Two things, 1) did you upgrade the Sonoff Mini first using ewelink? 2) are you using Sonoff-basic.bin Tasmota firmware?

Anyways I'd check out Drzzs video on this process it's pretty detailed YouTube

yes and yes :slight_smile:
Sonoff mini is on 3.3 and I have control using the DIY Tool but when I select the file and the device and then click OK. there's a slight pause and then the OK button "greys out" and it just sits there :frowning:

Are you sure you are using this firmware?

yep, just downloaded from the link you provided and it just sits there with no progress activity. Looks like the blue led changes fro 2 fast flashes to 3 fast flashes.

Gonna check the firewall etc.

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You should try this out. I read on the forums that it works pretty well. paspo/sonoff-flasher: an AlpineLinux image targeted at raspberry pi zero W for sonoff-diy autoflashing with Tasmota - sonoff-flasher - paspo's git

Ha, that was it. Windows firewall was up !

now onto other things :slight_smile:

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Good stuff. btw, what you planning to use with the Mini on? I have 4 here that are all flashed but I haven't found a use for them just yet. Pretty cool devices though :smile:

I'm going to try it out switching the main light in my guest bedroom.
I've only got switch wires down to the architrave switch (I hate those things) so I'm going to change it out for a momentary press switch, connected into the mini.
Also pair up an Iris motion in the room so during the day and in the evenings the motion will activate the mini (if lighting is required) only switching over to JUST the press switch after 9pm or so.

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Your right these things are quick.
This guy is faster than my HS-110

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Yeah mate they are lightning fast!! my mate (who isn't into home automation as much as me) just uses the Kmart Mirabella Genio gear and complains about it being so slow, I showed him how quick my Sonoff Basic R3's are and he was like WTF :stuck_out_tongue: . I even have them going over Zigbee to Wifi via button and no lag whatsoever.