Sonoff L1 RGB Light Strip


Has anybody got the Sonoff L1 RGB light strips working in Hubitat. If so did you flash them with tasmota and what driver did you use in HE?


have you tried the RGBWW stripdriver from here?

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If you flash it with my version of Tasmota, one of my drivers will work, the new driver currently in Beta will definitely work.


I have not flashed it as yet, opened it up and looks difficult to find the pins to flash it, so just closed it. Was going to try and find a Hubitat compatible controller that would work without the flashing. Anybody have one I could look for on Banggood.

I don’t know if that model is supported with the DIY mode of Sonoff, if it is, that would be a possible route for flashing without TTL, though the app for that is not always working as it should. For controllers not needing flashing I’m sure someone can recommend a Zigbee one. Any and all other Wifi based solutions use polling, is cloud based or is using something which requires software to run on a RPi or NAS or the like. For ease of use a supported Zigbee device is probably best.

The pins don't seem to hard to find on the back of the board but grounding GPIO0 looks like a real challenge

You could look at any of the magic home controllers. There is community support for these that don't require any flashing.

Another option could be the H801 controller as it's easy to flash with tasmota. It's on banggood but you can find it cheaper on aliexpress or ebay. This is what I am going to use it final arrives.

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Yes, and after checking, they do not have Sonoff DIY support, so they require a bit of work to flash.

That is true, those are nicely written drivers and have more patterns to use than Tasmota. They are using socket support and are probably very well implemented considering who wrote them.

They also work with Tasmota, but can be hard to flash at times, many different versions exist.

I also use these:

Though my version doesn't require 12V to be connected in order to flash them. Again, many different versions with the same shell exist. What I like about them is that they are 5 channel so I can use them with all types of strips. Same has the H801.

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