i have a white western house ceiling fan 240V and i would like to try and get it running by hubitat, from what i can see the SONOFF iFan03 is the only choice, can this be used with hubitat and has anyone else had any joy in using it?


Yes. However, it's not straightforward. There's no direct way of controlling it. There are a few options, the main two are:

  1. Use a third-party solution with an RM Mini, but that is tricky getting it working with HE (there are a few ways all documented on the forum)

  2. Open up the device and flash it with tasmota:
    Sonoff iFan03 - Tasmota

I did the latter and updated the firmware through a Raspberry Pi without the need for soldering, just pinning with a breadboard. There is tasmota integration on HE, but I just used the Virtual Fan driver and created an RM rule to interface that with the tasmota firmware via http calls, which was very straightforward. I have two iFan03's working this way.

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ok thanks for that info, it looks to much work for me to get my head around.


I don't blame you. It took me several month pluck up the courage to open it up and mess with it :slight_smile:

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