Somfy to Hubitat without other Bridge

Can I connect Somfy Raffstore directly to Hubitat without any other bridge?

It depends. Do your blinds have z-wave or zigbee built in?

Most somfy blinds use their RTS protocol, as far as I know. That is proprietary and requires their ZRTSI bridge to translate to z-wave, which then allows for integration with other systems like Hubitat.


They call the technology „io 868-870 MHz“.

The product is called „EVB Slim Receiver Variation io Plug STAS 3 / STAK 3“.

I’m guessing that’s available in Europe (based on the frequency) but I’m not familiar with it.

And it sounds like it would need a bridge device, just as most other somfy branded shades do.

But if you have links to product spec sheets or user manuals, there might be more info that could help clarify further.

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I am afraid that i am not allowed to send links here.

That’s an easy fix, just join the hub owners group and you can post links, screenshots etc.

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Here the link to the product in question: EVB Slim Receiver Variation io Plug STAS 3 / STAK 3 - Funkempfänger zur Steuerung eines verdrahteten Raffstoreantriebes | Somfy

Here the link to a PDF document I found:

" technology
Radio frequency io 868-870MHz"

European Z-Wave frequency is 868.42
Have you attempted to join the shade to your hub via Z-Wave?

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I think the product page or install manual would probably mention z-wave, at least once, somewhere? I guess anything’s possible though.

Other home automation RF protocols run on 868 MHz in Europe too.

You could ask Somfy if this is a z-wave device, or you could look it up on the z-wave alliance’s website but I don’t think you’ll have much luck pairing it directly to Hubitat.

I think a bridge will be needed (if somfy makes one like they do for their RTS line of smart shades), or possibly virtual switches in conjunction with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple Home might allow you to get control of the shades too. Lastly, if they publish an API that could be an option too, but would need a Hubitat driver/app to be written for it.


I am assessing if I should get Somfy RTS with the Tahoma bridge or using their Zigbee motor (Sonesse® ULTRA 30 WireFree Zigbee). Do you know if I would be able to connect those motors to Hubitat, program the up and down positions, and have them available on Apple Home using Hubitat HomeKit Integration? I am trying to leverage my existing setup instead of acquiring another technology and yet another hub. Thank you!