Somfy rts & hubitat

Have Somfy rts (rf 433mhz) shades.

Is the a simple way to use hubitat via some bridge ?

I think the two mains options I am aware of are a Z-wave adaptor (?) and a Bond bridge. I use the Bond bridge, which has a Community developed set of drivers

There is also the connexxoon hub, but there is not currently any drivers for it I believe.

I think the problem with the Bond bridge is there is no feedback (?) (so you can force it to a state but there is no way to know the current state).... Maybe not so critical for shades though

Possibility, if you're not opposed to imaging a micro SD card with Home Assistant for a RPi (or one of the several other methods). Then if the Somfy integration creates entities, you should be able to use them in Hubitat with the Home Assistant Device Bridge driver/app.

This is the simplest and least expensive method in my mind. No line of site needed. No messing with Z-Wave.

There are at least two ways in addition to the Bond bridge, which I have not used.

The first is the Somfy ZRTSI II Z-Wave (non plus) to 15 channel RTS interface, Somfy #1811265, for which there are two different Hubitat community drivers, both of which work fine.

The ZRTSI driver by Justin Walker (@augoisms), which I have used, is here:

The ZRTSI II driver by Denny Page (@dennypage) is here:

There is an older ZRTSI Interface that has fewer RTS channels, and these drivers are not for that one.

There is also a Hubitat integration for the Somfy myLink v2 WiFi to 16 channel RTS interface, Somfy #1811403. There is also a legacy myLink WiFi to RTS interface, also Somfy #1811403, that only supports 5 RTS channels. I do not know if the Hubitat integration supports the legacy myLink interface.

The Hubitat driver for the myLink v2, ported from SmartThings, is here:

I now use the myLink v2, it works fine.

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This is not a problem with the Bond bridge. Rather, it’s a problem with the “write only” Somfy RTS interface, which allows commands to be issued to the blinds and shades but does not provide any way to read status or position.

So, if your commands are limited to up (open), down (close), and Stop (move to preset “my Position”), fine. But there is no way for a Hubitat driver to know the position of the blinds/shades. The driver can only mimic the Somfy Telis or Decoflex controls.

If you only use the Hubitat driver to control the shades/blinds, it can indicate where it believes the shades/blinds to be positioned, but that indication will be wrong if you independently move the drapes/blinds using the Decoflex/Telis button controllers.

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