Somfy / Graber blinds lose limits when joining hub

Hey all, I have some Graber blinds I am trying to add. I think the process is supposed to be 1.) pair to Graber 12 channel remote to adjust and set upper and lower limits. I do this and they work fine with the remote.

Then 2.) reset zwave on the remote (works)

Then 3.) reset the blinds (hold down 7 seconds)

Then 4.) pair to Hubitat via zwave inclusion (that works)

HOWEVER, once I complete step 4. The blinds seem to get their limits all messed up, so open works OK, but when I send the close command the blind only closes halfway, it’s like the lower limit gets lost or reset somehow. Am I missing something?

Hey, I know you! Its me (Rich Oestreich) - FWIW I figured this out.

Hey Rich:

I deleted my response because I was thinking the 7 second reset would clear the limits but then I found the documentation and it indicated that was not the case. I only messed with the limits on one of my shades - the others worked fine out of the box - I just had to disassociate them from the remote and associate them to the Hubitat.

It's funny - the blinds are one of the things my wife likes the best of my automation projects.

Good to hear from you!


Yeah the instructions tell you to clear them, but in my experience that totally screws the limits up. Disassociating is probably the best.