Somfy Blinds

Hi..I'm getting new motorized blinds soon that has the following Somfy motor(s). I'm looking for the best recommendation to get these integrated into Hubitat. I've reviewed all the other Somfy threads but is unclear the best route to go.

Motor: (getting 5): USE SONESSE 30 WF RTS (LI-ION) RECHARGEABLE MOTOR # 1003128

They wanted me to order this (UNIVERSAL RTS INTERFACE (URTSI II) # 1810872) for z-wave compatibility but this device seems pretty old (and pricey). Is there any better options?

I appreciate any help..tks!

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Another popular option is a Bond Hub, which also has a custom set of drivers to integrate each of your blinds into HE. I use these myself and they work brilliantly.

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I have seven of the same Somfy motor, and do use a ZRTSI. It works well, except the drivers that exist can only handle "full up" or "full down", so you lose the "my setting" functionality from the Somfy remote.

I got the ZRTSI here for around $85: Bali® ZIRTSI-II Z-Wave Bridge for Home Automation Systems | Blindsgalore

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thanks for the tip..I'll check this out..

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