Sometimes I just hate this stuff

It just seems like I go along for a while and all is well and then something starts malfunctioning and you just can't figure out why. It doesn't make any sense.
I have this Alexa routine, all it does is turn power on to a virtual switch that runs an "I'm Back" rule when I get home. Has worked for months and now just stops working. I checked the logs and the Alexa app is not sending the power on for the virtual switch. I reset the Alexa geofence settings but it still doesn't work. Why can't this stuff just keep working and give me a break.


No help, I know, but I'm having the same kind of frustration. I ditched my x10 gear because it was unreliable and I expected (naively) this new gear would be set-it-and-forget-it. While it's much better than the x10 gear I wouldn't dare leave home and not check on it at least twice every day. Automations just quit for no apparent reason most of the time.

I had one just yesterday. I do all my processing in node-red and the back yard lights are supposed to come on when a motion sensor "sees" me. It didn't happen so I looked at the device logs on HE and the NR logs on its host. It all showed the expected events but neither of the switches involved actually turned on. So I used my Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app and they both worked as expected.
([RELEASE] Hubitat Dashboard - Android dashboard app)
After doing that the automation worked as expected. :man_shrugging:

I have a mystery like that about every week.

For the life of me. I couldn't add a Hue bulb back to my Hue bridge after it lost connection. I even tried holding my breath while tapping my head during pairing. No go! I packed in for the day in frustration.
The next day. I did the exact same thing and it discovered on the first try :man_shrugging:t2:
I think HA did this on purpose for sh!t and giggle on us HA addicts.

Many of the weird quirks I have had since moving to Hubitat have often been ID-10T errors caused by a prat trying to set up complex rules while drunk. :beers: Although, Z-Wave has contributed as well.


I just replied to @dJOS and his drunk skill with hot sauce and here I see another drunk. :man_facepalming:t2: :rofl:


I have a good morning and a good night routine in Alexa and Google. Either routine just sets a virtual switch and the HE does it's stuff. They work probably 75% of the time. But if Alexa doesn't work, then Google doesn't either. I can trigger the same virtual switch from my dashboard and it always works. So it appears there is some glitch out there in internet land. As far as I can tell my internet is not down when this happens. And a few minutes later if I try it again it will work.

Conclusion on my part is it's not HE's issue, it's whatever links things together out there in the clouds.

FWIW, I have a couple of things connected through Alexa that don't involve Hubitat at all. I'd say they work about 90% of the time. On the other hand, everything that goes through my three HE hubs seems to work 100%. So...

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When you think about what happens when you use Alexa or Google to trigger something, there is a lot involved. Alexa has to interpet the command, send it to it's server. Then that server sends it to HE's server which in turn sends it to my HUB. Or at least I presume that is what happens.

So it really doesn't surprise me that sometimes it doesn't work. And it could very well be my internet connection. LIving in a rural area sometimes has it's drawbacks.

And that is a good reason for local operation such as HE. I can always trigger things locally with dashboard or push button if needed.

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Are you trying to do something in HE when your arrive home - using a geofence area in the Alexa app for 'home'? You could cut Alexa out of the picture using the HE app's geofencing rules. It's been pretty reliable for me.

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I have established a guideline... no RM rules after the first martini. Simple automation rules are OK through martini #2. Dashboard access only after martini #3.

God Save the Queen.


I used to get more frustrated with this stuff too.. just a few days ago 2 of my Z-Wave locks stopped reporting in.. been working for a year and the batteries are fresh.. but, they just stopped. I think after a while I've just become used to needing to spend a little time here and there to keep things running... wish it weren't the case and I do think it's been getting easier having these support forums to rely on

:point_up: That is correct. @davidcwright59 - One of the best ways to improve the reliability of the connection between your Hubitat Hub and the Hubitat Cloud Server, is to make sure your home router assigns the same IP address to your Hubitat Hub every time. This can be done via a DHCP Reservation in your router's DHCP Server settings.

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The only reason I use the Alexa geofence is because Hubitats was not very reliable, at least for me. Maybe I will give it another try.

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I have found Life360 (free) to be very reliable and accurate over the past ~3 years with Hubitat. I agree that the Hubitat Mobile App's geofencing-based presence has room for improvement.

Me too, 100% reliable for me. Tie it in with a wifi presence sensor and a joining app and perfect.

I use this for a 2nd much larger Geo fence to trigger a we on our way home mode. Basically warm up the house :slight_smile:

I use 4 presence methods. HE app, Alexa app, Life360, and Google. It seems like if one doesn’t work, none of them do. So indicates a phone issue. I would say it is about 90% effective. I just learn to live with the few times it doesn’t.

Maybe consider adding a wifi connection presence method too. This way you have a non-GPS-related method too. I've found this works very nicely.

I've tried the WIFI connection method. And it's ok, but it's too slow. By the time it kicks in I can open my phone and press a button. Or just say my secret phrase to Google without even opening my phone.

Change the check time. i changed it in the app from 60 seconds to 30 seconds and it works very nicely and responds very quickly. By the time I'm parked in the drive and out of the car the wifi is connected and the presence established. I prefer automation, not rummaging around for a button to press or talking :rofl:

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When we get about a block from the house presence turns our alarm off and a few other things. As soon as I get the notification I tell Google to open my garage door. As I round the corner, dead in street, the door is starting up. I usually don’t have to stop before driving right into the garage. If I wait for WiFi I Am in driveway. Then have to wait for alarm to go off. Then wait for door to open. That’s what I mean by too slow.

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