Something isn't working

I created this for my outdoor lights and my porch lights came on but not my deck lights.

I think I figured it out. I had these selected as just switches for on and off and they are actually on dimmer H801 boards. Even thought the lights aren't dimming I had to select dimmer lights.

IMHO .. try using your times as move them to trigger your rule and use the days as a condition. So convert to a triggered rule instead.

You also have no parens around your statements. I assume you want (if A or B) and C, right? That's not how you have it set up. Or do you want If A or (B and C). Either way you need to add the parens to RM.

And I disagree with April. I don't think you need a triggered rule. Because you would have to have two of them. One for each time. The rule will only execute the commands stated if the rule changes from True to False or False to True. Coming from webCoRE the desire is to have everything be a trigger...I was there a few weeks ago too. But having embraced rule machine, trust me, you'll be a lot happier if you set up more rules than triggered rules.

In this case, why have a trigger of the time and the time be a condition as well....that's overkill. I have a triggered rule for motion active with certain conditions. That's where a triggered rule is more applicable.

I do see what you mean @Ryan780 with the paranthesis. I ended up putting this into two Rules to keep it simple. Maybe as I get more comfortable with RM, I might try to make more complex rules.

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