Some security questions

Seems like you are already a lost cause. We will weep for you ok. :cold_sweat: :sob:

Yes sadly it would appear so... the dragon chase has begun. Thank you for your support and pity in these dark and troubled times... :grin:


Don't worry. Here is a short movie summary of all the greatest moments of 2020 to cheer us all up...


I feel like I left the Dark Ages after my switch!

1 Like was even longer than I expected. :wink:

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If it matches my experiences (though I had two boys, thank God) their opinion of your intelligence level will remain at that of a banana slug until your kids get into their late teens.

I miraculously went from simpleton to "not so dumb after all" over a period of a year or two. :smiley: Twice. Once w/each of 'em. :man_facepalming:

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Well you did mention you have that old age thing creeping up on you so it's back to Banana Slug in a few years I guess. You'll know when everyone starts being overly nice and agreeing with everything you say... of course the not really paying attention or listening bit will be the same sadly.

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