Some Motion Help

hi guys can i get some help i have all my external light come on 10% at Sunset from a simple rule

then in rule machine
when there is motion i have it capture the go upto 100% then wait for the sensor to be inactive before it restores

but my problem is if i get motion again before it dims back down im sure the capture runs again but now doing so at 100% resulting it runing all but when it comes to doing the restore it then now does so at 100%
i hope this make sense

please ignore the delay time as that should be 2:30

or is there a way to set this up in motion lighting but keeping the defalut 10% dim lights after motion

I looked through motion lighting and I don't see a way to do it in there, but if you change your rule to not capture instead and set level, you'll accomplish the same thing. This is a rule that I don't use any more, but shows you the concept of how to reset a rule using the cancel delayed actions making sure the cancelable is ticked on in the delay part. Hope this helps.

but you might be able to do it in motion lighting setting the level in two different rules.

i forgot to say my external light go off at 02:30
im going to give this a go

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When motion is active the lights Dim to 100%. What's different is the state the lights go to when motion is inactive. Here's how I'd write your rule:

Garden Sensor active

Cancel Delayed Actions
Dim: Shed Bulb 1, Shed Bulb 2: 100 --> fade: 3
Wait for condition: Garden Sensor inactive
Delay 0:02:30 (cancelable)
IF (Time between Sunset-30 and 2:30) Dim:Shed Bulb 1, Shed Bulb 2: 10 --> fade: 3
IF (Time between 2:30 and Sunrise+30) Dim:Shed Bulb 1, Shed Bulb 2: 0 --> fade: 3

I have a handful of lights that I dim to 20 at night and off during the day. I have made a global variable dimOff that I set to 20 at sunset and 0 at sunrise (hubitat reports 0 as off) then for any rule turning these lights off I set it to dim to %dimOff%

It works quite well

I’m going to give that a go thanks

I’ve not played with global variable yet I have no idea how to use them something else I need to look into

I use this rule for my kitchen lights. I think it’s similar to what you are trying to do. At sunset the lights come on to dim setting 1. When there is motion the dimmer setting changes depending on what time of night it is and then goes back to dim setting 1 once motion has stopped. At sunrise the lights turn off.