Some Lutron Caseta Devices are not updating through Group and Scenes

I have a number of Lutron Caseta Dimmers and Switches all working through the Lutron integration. Been working for two years and all works great. I also have them grouped using the Groups and Scenes app for my dashboards, and again, it mostly works great. I

For some reason, for my "downstairs on" group or "downstairs off" group, it works 90% of the time but in that 10% when it doesn't work: a handful for Lutron devices will not respond. For example, I will click my "downstairs off" button on my dashboard and all the devices will actually turn off. But if I go the the "device" itself in Hubitat OR if I look at the dashboard to see if the tile reflects an "off" setting, the device/tile will show it is on, even though it is not. If I hit the "downstairs off" button again, sometimes this will clear it and make the tile show it is off.

Curious if anyone has run into this issue or have thoughts? I can provide any documentation or screenshots if anyone wanted to help figure this out with me?


Just an update: this happened again today but it is with different devices entirely. So I go to my dashboard, hit the button to turn on "Downstairs On." All my lights turn on, but when I look at my Downstairs Dashboard with all the tiles of the devices for Lutron, most of the tiles show that the light is off, when clearly, it actually turned on. Granted, Hubitat is doing what it needs to do (turn on the lights), but the dashboard of tiles is way off. I could manually click "on" each tile, even though the light is on. But there seems to be something else going on.

I was assuming it is the Groups and Scenes app at first, but I think now, it is something with the device setting not syncing with Lutron? I can provide logs or screenshots if needed.

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