Some Iris Contact Sensors not working

If you are not looking for the temperature piece that comes with those Iris sensors then I've had good success with these zwave units. They are a bit more trouble to install but they make a clean install and the price is good. Still need good zwave repeaters just as with zigbee.

Anybody found a zigbee contact sensor with internal screw contacts?

Lots more information here for you to digest...

I guess I have got to start remembering to ask for clarification as to which sensor one is trying to pair. I'm actually somewhat surprised that the sensor made it to the initializing state. Wonder if it was waiting on a proper match descriptor response from the hub. I wish I had a couple to test with.. Damn.

Anyhow, as others have said, you'll need to replace those. Since Lowe's is offering redemption compensation, I suggest using those funds for replacement devices. There have been some great suggestions in this thread. The Iris v2 contact sensors are IMO some one the best you can get. Battery life is measured in years and they are fairly small relative to others on the market.

Good luck with sourcing replacements! And welcome to Hubitat too!


So those GoControl sensors work pretty good out the box?


I have a few that I bought on clearance from Home Depot quite a long time ago. They seem to work fine, with very little delay. In that same kit was a GoControl Z-Wave Motion Sensor which is somewhat slow to respond, and not great for lighting automations. But the contact sensor seems fine. To be honest, almost all of my contact sensors are hard wired into an Arduino running my HubDuino software. So, while I have a few GoControl contact sensors, I don't use them for anything critical.

You may want to ask @jd1 as he appears to be using them.

I also had the GoControl Security kit with the motion sensor. As @ogiewon mentioned, the motion (like most zwave motion sensors) was quite delayed.
Up until very recently, I used 2 of the contact sensors on my patio screen door and my garage side door. Both worked reliably and I have never replaced the batteries in 3-4 years of use between Smartthings and Hubitat. Keep in mind that the doors they were attached were the most infrequently used doors in the house.
I believe mine were just rebranded Ecolink contact sensors.

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Are you happy with the Ecolinks?

I no longer use them for my doors. Ironically I replaced them with Iris contact sensors. The only reason I swapped them was because I found another use for them.

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These regularly go on sale for $10 at this site; I picked up a bunch last spring for use indoors and they have worked very well. They also report temperature. Normally I'm not a fan of anything using a wafer battery (I wouldn't try using these outdoors) but so far it seems like they should make it past the year mark (if not the claimed 3 year battery life). While not as small overall as the Iris, they are quite a bit flatter:
Visonic MCT-340 E

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I am just starting out and they seem to work well so far. They seem like they are as well made as any other sensor I have purchased so far. One note, they require you to remove a tiny screw to change the batteries and I believe program them, so dealing with this when I have to change the batteries now that they are mounted may be a pain. Keep this in mind before you place them on your doors / windows so you can get to the screw.

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I'm an aussie, but picked up a few of these when I was in the States in Dec/Jan, with some Iris motion sensors. I've not paired them, until now, but after reading this thread, I paired 1, and it's working OK.

Not sure of the exact model number from the box, because I threw it out (limited baggage space on airplane), but the back of the sensor does say 3320-L. I'm unsure what version it is.

Those are the Gen 2 ones.

Ok thanks. Good to know. I thought my sensors looked remarkably similar to the photo above, but the photo has 3320-L1, not 3320-L, as mine does.

The first Gen were DWS901 or something like that. They looked very different.


Has anybody found a way to make this or any other first generation IRIS Zigbee Device to pair to the Hubitat system? Thanks.

Yes, and the are going to put it into Beta test 'this week'.. perhaps it will go well and it will be released in a couple weeks.. we can dream, right? :smiley:

Welcome to Hubitat Community, by the way.

Thanks for following up. If I can help with basic test let me know. I have a lot of first generation products that I would love to work.

I have all my first generation IRIS devices connected and working great!!!!!

Great news, tell a(n Iris) friend :smiley: