Some global variables and connectors never update

Strange behavior: call for @support_team

I have some global variable and linked connectors that never updates. On the rule array itself and some on the tiles...

I changed manually a variable string ( to 4 dashes .... but it still displays (on a tile) an old value (days ago) of 20h18, whatever my changes.

Today I set a new global variable (number) with the right connector and the value changed on the rule array but NOT on the tile (even set correctly with attribute)... always has a value of 0 (when I set the variable value when creating it).


*Edit: I removed the variable and the connector. Recreated the same variable/connector (string) with another value (11:20) and created a rule to update the value of the string (time) when a switch is triggered. Same result: the value with the global variable array is changed but the tile never update.


*Edit 2: I noticed a difference in the rule array: the variable that does not update on tile has NO * on the array itself. What's the meaning of this * and why this * is not present in this faulty variable update ? Same for my faulty GeoFan counter variable !


*Edit 3: created a new global variable, global.test (string) and added it in my rule that change the variable: the global test variable is updated (but still not the variable). If I change on the tile the connector for another one (Light.stairs.last), the tile updates !