Some devices lost polling, time triggers after update?

I've noticed a few of my custom virtual drivers sort of stopped working with a few of the latest Hub updates.

For example, I use the Iphone WiFi driver, a Roku Driver, and a Time Server Driver that check a local device every X minutes.

After upgrading, they just stopped working. I've had to go into each driver and manually "refresh" to get them alive again,

Has anyone else seen that?

I still haven't gotten to the bottom of this sadly.

Its possible that the schedules got messed up.

Go into the apps/drivers and click done or save preferences again and see if it kicks in.

For apps you can see the schedules at the bottom of the properties page. For devices I think thats also at the bottom of the device properties page.

Oh wow, good catch, I hadn't noticed the "schedule" section under devices.
I've already found a device I need to kick (click save preferences).

Kind of sucks if i need to do this for all of my devices after each upgrade.

What's the best way to report this bug and details I wonder?

You shouldn't have to do this after every upgrade. I don't usually have to. I've seen that before so that's why I knew what you should look for.

It depends on the code in the driver. There are certain ways I've seen certain dev's code things that don't recovery nicely if it misses the execution during an upgrade.

Wait until the next upgrade and try again. If it happens again and its a built in app/driver then contact support. Otherwise contact the dev and they may make some adjustments.

At least you know how to fix it. :slight_smile:


Thank you.
Yeah talking with a few devs who's drivers I use, this seems to be a bug in the Hubitate Scheduler. As it that should survive down-time and kick off a scheduled event if an upgrade or reboot skips over a scheduled date.

I never hit this before, so it also seems like a recent bug in Hubitat.